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"Returning as director, Jen Coles oversees a show stripped down to the bare essentials... she fills almost every moment with bustling movement, her cast’s paths crossing constantly." - Review of Ordinary Days by The Stage.                                                

"Director Jen Coles has a real understanding of how to utilize a small space to maximum affect."

- Review of Ordinary Days by

"Jen Coles’ direction is beautifully restrained, allowing character and relationships room to breathe and to tell the story with crystal clarity."  

- Review of Ordinary Days (Edinburgh Fringe) by

"Finally, Jen Coles...appears to have made choices that emphasized the show's central dramatic conceit, that people in love can both come beautifully together, and be simultaneously moving apart." 

-Audience Member, The Last Five Years 

Ordinary Days: Behind The Scenes, Drayton Arms Theatre

Ordinary Days: London Theatre Workshop Trailer

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