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About Jen

Creative and curious, Australian-born Jen's dedication to everything in the arts makes her a passionate and generous performer. A graduate from The Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, Jen has been working in the immersive theatre industry for over five years. She has performed in multiple immersive productions, most notably as a cast member in Secret Cinema's The Guardians of The Galaxy live experience. A seasoned improviser, Jen is also the Creative Director and a cast member of two upcoming TTRPG (table-top role playing games) podcasts, which will be released later this year. Thriving on improvisation and comedy, her quick-witted nature and one-liners are well suited to many forms of entertainment. 

An avid video gamer, Jen is also a voice actor and a motion capture performer. She recently completed the Mocap Vaults full curriculum course, and now specialises in cinematic performances for video games. To supplement her work in motion capture, Jen is also training in stage combat and onstage firearms. She has completed her BADC Standard in Rapier and Dagger (Merit), and her BADC Further Weapons Unarmed (Merit), as well completing an assault rifles course with ID Fight with a view to do much more.


Jen is the Co-Artistic Director and Executive Producer of Streetlights, People! Productions alongside her fellow Co-AD, Nora Perone. Streetlights now have a number of projects in the works, inclusive of a webseries in post-production and a tv series.

Jen is known in the industry as a dedicated, hard-working, kind and empathetic performer, who consistently brings the highest level of skill and professionalism to any project she works on. 

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