1. Directing Diary of An (Almost) Sex Tape.
    Directing Diary of An (Almost) Sex Tape.
  2. Directing Diary of An (Almost) Sex Tape.
    Directing Diary of An (Almost) Sex Tape.
  3. Ordinary Days London at the Hen and Chicken's Theatre
    Ordinary Days London at the Hen and Chicken's Theatre
  4. Ordinary Days Rehearsal Photo
    Ordinary Days Rehearsal Photo
  5. Directing The Fitness Problem.
    Directing The Fitness Problem.

"In the hands of Streetlights, People! Productions – the invention of founders Nora Perone and Jen Coles – it receives a smartly eloquent interpretation from Coles who also directed." - Review of Ordinary Days by

"Returning as director, Jen Coles oversees a show stripped down to the bare essentials... she fills almost every moment with bustling movement, her cast’s paths crossing constantly." - Review of Ordinary Days by The Stage.                                                

"Director Jen Coles has a real understanding of how to utilize a small space to maximum affect." - Review of Ordinary Days by

"Jen Coles’ direction is beautifully restrained, allowing character and relationships room to breathe and to tell the story with crystal clarity."  - Review of Ordinary Days (Edinburgh Fringe) by
"Jen came into Ordinary Days with a completely fresh perspective on the material. She placed her unique stamp on the show; in particular, using abstract movement to complement the music and create another layer of storytelling. Jen's strength lies in developing and utilising the strengths of the individual performers for the overall benefit of the piece. She was a terrific director to work with because she encouraged a collaborative environment, listening carefully to everyone's ideas and melding them with her vision."
–Nora Perone, Deb, Ordinary Days
Jen is the co-Artistic Director and Executive Producer of Streetlights, People! Productions. Through Streetlights, she has directed two short films (The Fitness Problem with Nora Perone and Diary of An (Almost) Sex Tape). Both videos received positive feedback from viewers, commenting on the charm and wit at the heart of both.

Soon after, Jen was invited to direct the revival of Adam Gwon's musical Ordinary Days.  Her unique style to directing helped lead the production to critical success (review here ). An emotionally rewarding experience, it has lead Jen to pursue further directing opportunities, both with Streetlights and beyond. 

Ordinary Days transferred to the London Theatre Workshop from May 29 - June 17 to critical acclaim, and then went on to the Edinburgh Fringe Festival from August 2-28, again to acclaim. Jen has just finished directing Ordinary Days for the fourth time at the Drayton Arms Theatre, as winners of the Kensington Eddies Award 2017.

Production stills from Diary of An (Almost) Sex Tape.  Photos (c) Neil Cameron and Nora Perone. 

Jen with Nora, her co-Artistic Director of Streetlights, People! Productions. Photo (c) Matthew Walker.